Delhi Flood Updates:  Red Fort submerged in flood

By: News4hollywood

The furious form of the Yamuna River is now tormenting the people of Delhi.  

Image Credit: tribune India

The water level of the river has risen rapidly, and many areas have started to sink. 

Image Credit: The times of India

It rained so much in Delhi that the Red Fort was filled with water. 

Image Credit: Tribune  India

Concerns are being raised about the sinking of areas around the Yamuna River in Delhi. 

Image Credit:  Live Mint

That turned out to be true. The water level of the Yamuna River in Delhi has crossed the danger mark, reaching even 208 points above it. 

Image Credit: the times of India

This time, the water level of the Yamuna River has broken all records. People in Delhi have taken shelter under tents and flyovers 

Image Credit:  live mint

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