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Chromedriver is vital tool for users involved in tasks, such as developers and testers. It serves as a bridge between Selenium WebDriver and the Chrome browser, enabling automated interactions with web applications. It is essential to choose the correct version of Chromedriver to ensure compatibility and optimal performance in your testing and automation processes. (Download Chromedriver)

Downloading Chromedriver:

Official Website:

  • The official Chromedriver website offers a user-friendly interface for downloading the required version based on your Chrome browser version.
  • To download the correct version, simply navigate to the website, select the appropriate version matching your Chrome installation, and click on the corresponding link below:

Alternative Methods:

  • While the official website is the recommended source for downloading Chromedriver, alternative methods like package managers (e.g., npm for Node.js) are available. However, caution is advised against using unofficial sources to avoid security risks.



  • After downloading the zip file, extract its contents and add the path to the environment variables.
  • The process can be visualized with the help of screenshots for enhanced clarity.


  • Move the extracted Chromedriver file to a specific location like /usr/local/bin.
  • Advanced users can utilize terminal commands for installation and configuration.


  • Grant executable permissions to the downloaded file and add the path to the environment variables.
  • Specific instructions for various Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian are provided for seamless installation.


To verify the correct installation of Chromedriver, use the code snippet or terminal command to check the version of Chromedriver installed on your system.


  • Common issues like incorrect version selection, path problems, and permission errors may arise during the installation process.
  • Solutions or links to relevant resources for troubleshooting assistance are available for resolving these issues.

Current Releases

ChromeDriver 114.0.5735.90


In conclusion, downloading and installing Chromedriver is a crucial step for users engaging in automation tasks. Ensure to follow the outlined steps carefully for a seamless experience. Remember to keep Chromedriver updated and refer back to this guide for future reference.

Stay informed and efficient in your automation tasks by utilizing the correct version of Chromedriver. Share this helpful guide with others and subscribe for more tutorials on automation and testing.


  • Best practices for using Chromedriver include keeping it updated regularly and managing multiple versions effectively.
  • Explore additional resources to enhance your knowledge and skills in automation and testing with Chromedriver.

Remember to refer back to this comprehensive guide for any updates in Chromedriver versions or installation procedures. Happy automating!

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