Cameron Diaz Is Bidding Goodbye To Hollywood, Once Again Post Jamie Foxx’s On-Set Meltdown Leading To Firing Of People?

Back in the day, Cameron Diaz made headlines for quitting Hollywood to spend more time with her husband.

Cameron Diaz is well-known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, Vanilla Sky, Knight and Day, and many other films. She is distinguished by her stunningly appealing blue eyes and blonde hair. The actress previously stated that she is “semi-retired,” that she stopped working in 2014, and that she officially retired in 2018. However, Jamie Foxx persuaded her to make a comeback in November 2022.

A recent source claims that the actress plans to quit Hollywood once more after her return. While her followers were thrilled by her reappearance, the news that she would be quitting the entertainment profession once more has disappointed them. See why Cameron wants to stop performing and retire once more by reading on.

The Daily Mail reports that Jamie Foxx’s outburst on the set is what caused Charlie’s Angels actress Cameron Diaz to leave the movie. According to a close friend of the Hollywood actress, she “hated” spending the two straight 10-hour workdays apart from Raddix. Cameron loves motherhood more than anything 

else. Jammie Fox reportedly had “an enormous tantrum” on-site, which caused three employees to be fired, and her return project was reportedly in tumult.

The actress is happy with Jamie Foxx, but after her current assignment is over, she probably won’t go back into the movie business. She returned to the spotlight in 2018 after formally declaring her retirement, and they starred together in the Netflix action comedy Back In Action. While the actress apparently hates the “drama and hostility” that frequently breaks out on movie sets, she also had a hard time being away from her family and children.

Cameron Diaz Reportedly Quits Acting Again
Cameron Diaz Reportedly Quits Acting Again hollywood

Famously, Cameron Diaz quit her job in Hollywood to spend more time with her husband. After receiving their daughter in December 2019, the pair has kept a very low profile regarding their experiences with their three-year-old.

Cameron Diaz’s Hollywood Career

In the 1994 film The Mask, which was based on the Mike Richardson and Mark Badger and Dark Horse comic book of the same name, Cameron Diaz made her Movie debut as Tina Carlyle opposite Jim Carrey’s Stanley Ipkiss. Throughout the 1990s, Cameron Diaz continued to land significant parts in comedies and dramas. She appeared in There’s Something About Mary and My Best Friend’s Wedding alongside Julia Roberts and Scream 6 actor Durmot Mulroney.

Together with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz starred in Charlie’s Angels in 2000, solidifying her position in the action genre. In a recent interview, Liu, who plays Kalypso in DC’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods, discussed how her career path would have changed if superhero movies had been as popular when she was younger. It would have been remarkable if it had occurred sooner, Liu added. “My career would have been simpler and the story would have been different. More opportunities would have been available.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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