The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die – Ending Explained

The Last Kingdom is an incredibly popular historical drama series that has been captivating audiences for years. The final season ended with an exciting finale titled “Seven Kings Must Die“. If you’re Still trying to make Sense of the Ending and all the Events that lead up to it, then this Blog post will be Just what you need. In it, we’ll Explain the Ending of The Last Kingdom’s Seven Kings Must Die and Provide an in-depth Analysis of the Characters and events that took place. So, Read on to get the full story behind The Last Kingdom’s Seven Kings Must Die ending explained!

The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die - Ending Explained
The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die – Ending Explained

A Quick Recap

The Last Kingdom, based on Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling Book series The Saxon Stories, follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg, an Anglo-Saxon raised by Danes. As Uhtred strives to Reclaim his ancestral Home and Make a Place for himself in the shifting tides of England’s violent history, he must Confront the Seven Kings of Mercia and decide which side of his Dual loyalties to embrace. The series finale, “Seven Kings Must Die”, concludes Uhtred’s Quest and sets up an intriguing Future for the Kingdom. To understand the Ending of The Last Kingdom, it is important to first take a Look at the Events that led up to it.

The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die - Ending Explained
The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die – Ending Explained

Uhtred had been divided between Loyalty to his Saxon people and his love for the Danish Way of life. After a Season of conflict with various Kings of Mercia, Uhtred decides to take a Stand against them. He forms an alliance with King Alfred and the Saxons to combat the Seven Saxon kings who were vying for Power in Wessex. Uhtred and Alfred manage to defeat the seven kings and Ultimately bring peace to England. With the End of the Conflict, Uhtred is faced with the Question of Where he Belongs and what his Place in the Newly united Kingdom will be. As such, the Seven Kings Must Die ending Explained is as Much about Uhtred’s identity as it is About England’s Future.

The Final Battle

The ultimate showdown Takes place in the Seventh and Final Season of The Last Kingdom, the popular Netflix TV series. It is here that Uhtred of Bebbanburg and his Army go head to head with the Saxon forces in a Fight for the Fate of their Kingdom. Uhtred’s goal is to Take back his Birthright and Claim his Rightful Place as ruler of Bebbanburg.

The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die - Ending Explained
The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die – Ending Explained

Uhtred and his Army are outnumbered by the Saxon forces but this Does not Deter them from Facing off against their Enemies. Uhtred’s brilliant Tactics and Fierce Courage on the Battlefield is Enough to gain an Advantage over the Saxons. His warriors Display Incredible skill and Strength as they Battle fiercely Against the Saxons. Uhtred rallies the Troops and Leads them to victory, Reclaiming his ancestral Home and Fulfilling his Destiny.

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After the Battle

The Battle of Bosworth saw Uhtred, played by Alexander Dreymon, take on The King of Wessex, Aethelred, Played by Timothy Innes, in a thrilling and Emotionally Charged Showdown. The battle Marked the End of the Tumultuous Reign of Seven Kings in the Land of The Last Kingdom, an Historical Drama TV series based on Bernard Cornwell’s Novel series. The Netflix show Features a mix of Historical fiction, romance and Action that tells the story of Alfred the Great’s attempt to Unite England during the Ninth Century.

At the end of The Battle of Bosworth, Uhtred Emerged Victorious as the New King of Wessex. He was Able to prove his loyalty and Commitment to Alfred’s dream of uniting England and put an end to the reign of Seven kings. But after the Battle, Uhtred’s fate was Left uncertain. What will become of him now? Will he Continue to fight for Alfred’s dream? Or will he abandon his King and Continue his own Quest for justice? Only time will tell What will happen Next in this Exciting Netflix TV series.

What Happened to Uhtred?

The end of Season 4 of the Netflix Historical Drama series The Last Kingdom left us with an action-packed, Gripping finale. Uhtred & his Band of loyal Warriors have Been fighting to Reclaim his ancestral Home of Bebbanburg. After a lengthy battle, Uhtred manages to Reclaim Bebbanburg from the Saxon lord and Reclaim his Rightful home. However, Fans are left Wondering what Happened to Uhtred after the Victory?

The Final scene of the Season reveals Uhtred riding off into the Distance, leaving Bebbanburg Behind as he heads off on a New adventure. It’s unclear What his next Journey will Bring or Where he will go, But we Can be Sure that There are More exciting Adventures to Come in The Last Kingdom. With a fifth Season Already Announced, Viewers can look Forward to finding out More about Uhtred’s journey and Hopefully Catch up With him Again sSoon.

What’s Next for The Last Kingdom?

The Season 4 finale of The Last Kingdom, titled “Seven Kings Must Die,” was an Explosive Ending to a tumultuous season. Uhtred’s final battle with Aethelred was Intense and ultimately led to the Deaths of Seven kings. So, what can Fans expect From Season 5?

Netflix has Already Renewed The Last Kingdom for Season 5, and the Show is Expected to Return Soon. Although the Storyline will be far Different From that of the Seven Kings Must Die Ending Explained in this Blog Post, Viewers are Expecting Big Changes. From New Characters to New Plot twists, Fans can’t Wait to see What The Last Kingdom has in Store Next.

It Remains to Be Seen if The Show will Receive Positive Reviews and Ratings When it Returns to Netflix. However, if The Writers Can Manage to Keep the Quality of writing and Acting consistent with the Past four seasons, The Last Kingdom could Become one of the Top shows on the Streaming Platform. We can only Hope that the Showrunners Have Some Great ideas in Store for The Upcoming Season!

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is available to watch now on Netflix.

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